Samsung to use AR at Mobile World Congress product launch

Samsung is planning to use AR to wow attendees at next week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona when it unveils its new smartphones. However, details both of the phones and the promotional tactics planned have been leaked ahead of the event.

The company recently released its Unpacked 2018 app on the Google Play Store. The app is intended to for registered and invited users at events, and also for people that want to view the live stream of the MWC event.


Samsung announces VR partnership with Major League Baseball

Samsung Canada has announced that it will be partnering with Major League Baseball (MLB) to provide VR experiences for fans.

The two companies will provide immersive access to players, ballparks and key moments that take place during the rest of the 2017 season.

There will be a series of over 20 videos that will be available for viewing on the Samsung VR app.

The videos will focus on the Toronto Blue Jays and their centre fielder Kevin Pillar, who will be the subject of...

How VR technology is revolutionising the enterprise space

The ability of virtual reality (VR) to immerse consumers within virtual environments and media has received much exposure in the news, raising mainstream awareness of the technology.

However, it would be a mistake to assume that the adoption of VR is restricted just to consumers. As the technology continues to gather pace, a separate audience is busy building a future with it — the enterprise.

Tractica, a market technology intelligence firm, now forecasts that enterprise...

Samsung teams up with BuzzFeed

Samsung electronics has announced a partnership with BuzzFeed and NowThis, aimed at creating ‘new and immersive’ content experiences.

The content produced through the partnership will put 360 video at reader’s fingertips, ranging from simple how-to’s to breaking news from around the world.

According to a press release provided by Samsung, both BuzzFeed and NowThis will create different kinds of content. NowThis will focus on immersive experiences such as...

Samsung developing standalone virtual reality headset

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Mobile giant Samsung has announced this week that it’s developing a standalone virtual reality headset.

The company is holding its annual developer conference in San Francisco this week. Yesterday, executive vice president and head of research and development Injong Rhee said the company was working on a 'wireless and virtual reality devices' that wouldn’t necessarily need a smartphone.