Could these leaked images really be of a Samsung Gear VR controller?

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A Czech Samsung fan website has ‘leaked’ images of what looks like a Samsung Gear VR controller. 

SamsungMania’s Martin Chroust has shared the pictures in an article, although it’s yet unclear where he sourced them from and Samsung have yet to confirm they’re the real deal.

The pictures show a dual-branded Samsung and Oculus controller that looks like a 2D game pad with a joystick on the left and A, B, X, Y buttons on the right. 

Chroust writes that it’ll most likely weigh 300 grams and snap into the front of Samsung Gear VR headsets when not in use. He adds it’ll have matte textured base and tether to your smartphone via bluetooth.

The closest accessory Samsung has to this at the moment is the Samsung Wireless Gamepad, which isn’t compatible with VR but does connect to smartphones via bluetooth on a wide range of Android devices for mobile gaming. 

Currently, Samsung Gear users need to choose a third party gamepad for the Gear VR. 

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one and update the article once we hear back from Samsung. 

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