Kingston University VR centre puts students at the cutting edge of games design

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Kingston University has invested £53,000 to create the Centre of Augmented and Virtual Reality Environments to ensure its students are right at the forefront of the games industry.

Known by the slightly more ominous name of CAVE, the centre compliments the newly- redesigned games lab at the university’s Penrhyn Road campus.

As well as preparing students for their professional lives by giving them access to the latest equipment and tools, staff also hope to give them the opportunity for multi-disciplinary collaboration.

The centre will provide a space for game programmers, designers and writers to all work together.

Professor Vesna Brujic-Okretic, head of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics said this high-spec, collaborative learning would prepare students for the industry:

“Having games programming students working with design students on various aspects of a project is exactly how the digital media industry works – It’s that level of inter-disciplinary work and the exchange of views that will broaden the horizons of each and every one of them and help make sure they are industry ready.”

Luke Parlin, a student who graduated in January and is currently developing a VR game idea with Sony, said:

“The technology is at the forefront of games design and development and for students to have access to that is amazing.”

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