UKrs first VR game experience to open in Leeds

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The Hyper Reality Experience is the first in a series of VR game experiences that will be launched across the UK by Tick Tock Unlock.

The game sees teams of up to 8 players being given 15 minutes to complete a ‘free-roaming, live-action’ challenge.

Set to open in Trinity Leeds on 22 April, the project has been developed by former J.P Morgan executive Ali Khan.

According to Mr Khan, the centre will provide “a new form of entertainment that is part video game, part virtual reality, part real-world, part theatrical production.”

“participants have to interact with objects, which in the real world are dummy props,” Khan continues, “but when viewing through VR headsets become, say and elevator door, a laser gun or a fuel cell.”

“Players might feel the heat from a virtual fire or a draft from a mineshaft so that it will be difficult to distinguish reality from virtual reality.”

The centre in Leeds features a 644sq ft area for players to complete their tasks in, but future centres will be around 2,000sq ft according to Khan:

“Our first Hyper Reality Experience has been optimised for a retail environment, but future sites will also include larger, out-of-town retail centres and theme parks and we are in talks with partners about our next locations.”

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