ADVR launches VR and AR discovery marketing engine

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The San Francisco based ADVR has secured $3 million in initial funding as it launches its discovery marketing engine for VR and AR.

The company claims the engine will “transform VR worlds into personalised discovery ecosystems that use advanced analytics to target and deliver dynamic in-world experiences.”

What does this mean? The engine will provide a content-marketing platform that can deliver dynamic or sponsored content using game dynamics to increase engagement by enhancing rather disrupting the user experience.

Making VR profitable

The ADVR team is made up of experts from the games industry as well as VR design and monetisation. They set out to overcome two obstacles that they believe have stopped VR developers and marketers from making their VR business models profitable.

Firstly, the scalability of revenue streams outside of their VR products.

Secondly, the struggle marketers have had when trying to insert content that doesn’t disrupt the users’ VR experience and create a negative reaction.

The ADVR platform allows for 3D and 2D content to be modified in real-time across any device or VR-enabled experience. In the company’s own words this means users can “create protracted stories that persist across multiple realities.”

By capturing what users like and dislike, including artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning, the ADVR platform lets developers and marketers tap into analytics which can only be derived from VR environments to target content to individual users at scale.

Both marketers and developers will be able to use a range of analytic tools to modify their campaigns.

“ADVR is all about self-directed discovery that puts users in control so they not only find content they want and like, but can choose whether or not they actually interact with it,” said CEO Arnaud Dazin.

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