Adobe launches immersive tool to edit sound in VR

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Adobe has announced Project SonicScape, a prototype tool that allows VR/AR editors and developers to better edit sound within 3D environments.

Demoed at the company’s Adobe Max conference, the tool allows developers and editors to visualise ambisonic audio within a spherical VR video using coloured bubbles. This way of visualising sound data in this way makes it easy to align sound with specific parts of the video.

An Adobe spokesperson told TechCrunch:

“Project SonicScape takes the guesswork out of the immersive content editing experience by visualizing where the audio is, its frequency and intensity, and therefore making it that much easier to bring immersive content to life.”

You can check out a video of the tool in action here.

Deeper immersion

SonicScape could help VR and AR designers enhance the immersive nature of their 360 projects, making sure that sounds emanate realistically spots in a 3D environment and shift as the user interacts and moves their head.

It is not clear yet whether SonicScape will be integrated into other Adobe tools.

The company has also rolled out a new update to its Premiere Pro video editing application, which now includes the highly anticipate Project CloverVR set of enhancements. Among the new features is a VR editing interface.

Users can use the tool to edit VR videos will immersed in the actual experience itself.

The company commented on Project CloverVR:

“Because you can’t edit 360° video while immersed in 360° video, the current process for editing VR footage is tedious and clumsy, requiring ad-hoc workflows and desktop plugins. At least that’s what we’ve been told by very smart people. CloverVR aims to solve this problem by providing editors dedicated tools to view and edit directly in VR.” 

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