Jurassic Park goes full Pokemon Go with AR game

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It is safe to say that Pokémon Go was, however briefly, a phenomenon and the closet thing that AR has had to a breakthrough, killer app so far.

But you know what is arguably cooler than rooting out Pokémon in the real world? Dinosaurs, that’s what.

As the Jurassic Park franchise rumbles on with latest instalment Fallen Kingdom, developers Luda have teamed up with Universal to create an AR game for both iOS and Android.  

In terms of mechanics and gameplay, Jurassic World Alive will seem very familiar to fans of Pokémon Go. It is a location-based game which requires players to discover dinosaurs by venturing out into the wider world. The big difference is that you don’t actually have to walk around to find the different species.

Instead, you can use an in-game drone to hunt out dino DNA, which can be used to create hybrids and level up your stable. Importantly, players will also be able to battle their thunder lizards against each other.

You can watch a trailer for the game here.

An ongoing trend

The Jurassic World AR game is representative of a new trend of using AR games and apps as promotion for large scale film and TV works. As well as the dinosaur hunting game, there are currently AR games tied in with Harry Potter, The Walking Dead and Ghostbusters in development.

With the release of ARKIt and ARcore, consumers can expect to see a lot more apps and games being used specifically as promotion for other forms of media coming their way. The big question will be whether the quality of these promotional efforts holds up and they are actually fun and rewarding to play.

The majority of the AR games seem to follow the location-based scavenging formula laid down by Pokémon Go, so it will be interesting to note the intricacies and differences between them. Or, will one prove to be the game-changer that really catapults AR into the forefront of public consciousness.    

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